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Travis T. Parsons, Ph.D.


Cell & Molecular Scientist | Team Leader | R&D, Application Science & Technical Development | Photography Enthusiast


Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

B.A. in Molecular Cell Biology from from the University of California, Berkeley.



• Research Scientist with over 7 years of multidisciplinary expertise in cell & molecular biology, data acquisition, and analysis relevant to R&D, application science & technical development.

• Strong leadership skills and extensive experience in management of projects and small teams, delivering timely results to projects supported by $1.5M in laboratory and instrumentation grant funding.

• Excellent presentation and communication skills as evidenced by >11 research and technical presentations, 4 first & second place presentation awards, 2 presentations at international research conferences, and 1 publication in a peer-reviewed journal.